Commodity Prices for Euro Stoxx Mid
Delayed Futures - 10:48 - Monday, December 11th
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Futures Commentary and Analysis

Dan Hueber - Inside Futures - 43 mins ago

If the old adage is to be proven correct, and the bulls will enjoy the Christmas turkey, the grain and soy markets are going to have a little catching up to do. We have begun this new week with ...
Daniel D. Burke - Inside Futures - 58 mins ago

Rosenthal Collins Group - Inside Futures - 1 hr 37 mins ago

Bulls have firm overall near-term technical advantage amid longer-term price uptrend. No early clues of market top being close at hand.
Alan Bush - Inside Futures - 2 hrs ago

Stock index futures extended Fridays advance today and are supported again by U.S. infrastructure spending plans on the horizon and after Congress last week passed a two week stopgap spending bill.

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