Commodity Prices for ICE Offshore USD CNH
Delayed Futures - 20:04 - Sunday, December 10th
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Futures Commentary and Analysis

Oliver Sloup - Inside Futures - Sun Dec 10, 4:04PM CST

Cattle have been under a lot of pressure recently due to softer cash and long liquidation.
Gregor Horvat - Inside Futures - Sun Dec 10, 3:50PM CST

EURUSD looking sideways; gains can be put on hold.
Bill Baruch - Inside Futures - Sun Dec 10, 2:56PM CST

The last FOMC Meeting of the year is Wednesday. The Fed is expected to hike rates. PPI and CPI are due out first. What are we watching at Blue Line Futures and how are we playing it.
Cary Artac - Inside Futures - Sun Dec 10, 12:50PM CST

Today 3 to 5 Days Out 2 to 3 Weeks Out Hedgers Highlights

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