Commodity Prices for Molybdenum 15M Off
Delayed Futures - 14:37 - Wednesday, December 13th
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Futures Commentary and Analysis

Alan R. Palmer - Inside Futures - 1 hr 31 mins ago

Jerry Welch - Inside Futures - 1 hr 59 mins ago

If boxed beef demand continues to leak...
Karl Montevirgen - Inside Futures - 2 hrs 18 mins ago

Continuation of part one which aims to dissect the question "what backs cryptocurrencies."
Dan Hueber - Inside Futures - Wed Dec 13, 10:36AM CST

Well the December supply/demand report has now been relegated to the history books with very little fanfare. Domestic corn ending stock were lowered 50 million from last month (2%) via higher ethanol usage, bean ending stocks we increased 20 million (4.7%) with a cut in exports and wheat stocks...

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