Commodity Prices for Nasdaq 100 VIX
Delayed Futures - 20:30 - Thursday, December 14th
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Futures Commentary and Analysis

Murali Sarma - Inside Futures - 22 mins ago

An intraday traders guide to trading the Emini Dow (YM) futures.
Robert White - Inside Futures - 42 mins ago

D.R. Futures Trading uses a proprietary algorithim as part of their system that identifies trends before they begin for Futures, Options, and Forex. This commentary will discuss key support and resistance levels based on the algorithm for the Mini S&P.
Murali Sarma - Inside Futures - 51 mins ago

An intraday traders guide to likely price action on quad-witching Friday
Cary Artac - Inside Futures - 1 hr 25 mins ago

Today 3 to 5 Days Out 2 to 3 Weeks Out Hedgers Highlights

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