Commodity Prices for SGX IHS Indonesia
Delayed Futures - 01:10 - Wednesday, December 13th
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Futures Commentary and Analysis

Darren Chu, CFA - Inside Futures - 30 mins ago

Bitcoin (BTCUSD) was rejected yesterday at upchannel resistance (on the weekly and daily chart), and may see a few days of profittaking as hinted by the daily MACD histogram sliding down. A stronger selloff could quickly coincide with the daily MACD negatively crossing.
Ilan-Levy Mayer - Inside Futures - 50 mins ago

March is now the FRONT MONTH for all e-mini contracts. Here is the US bonds daily chart for review. Find trading levels and economic reports for Dec 13th.
ElliottWave-Forecast - Inside Futures - Tue Dec 12, 9:40PM CST

Dow Future has made a new high and dips should be supported in 3, 7, or 11 swing as far as pullbacks stay above 24071 low in the first degree
Ted Seifried - Inside Futures - Tue Dec 12, 7:01PM CST

The March corn contract posted an new contract low on a day the USDA released what was seen as a mildly friendly report. The initial reaction to the report was positive, but weakness in soybeans and wheat spilled over to the con market. What happened and what could this mean for corn going forward?

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